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SIAS is the only university in China that flies the American flag.

AU Professor Peter Weiss has designed 33 buildings on the SIAS campus.

East meets West: New campus architecture with ancient pagoda.

Weiss' plan called for campus areas to resemble places and buildings around the world, such as the National Mall in Washington, D.C.

One of SIAS' main classroom buildings.

The U.S. Capitol influenced design of the central administration building.

A picturesque canal winds through the western side of campus... this central China or Venice?

A gathering place for students is this European-style plaza.

New buildings are being built in several areas of campus.

The amphitheatre hosts many special events year-round...

...each morning Chinese students practice their English there, reading aloud to themselves in the tranquil environment.

Another view of the amphitheatre before sunrise.

Students hear a lecture delivered in English. Many of them feel SIAS gives them the best opportunity to learn and perfect their English skills.

The foreign teachers' dorm, named for architect Peter Weiss.

Deedie Dowdle, communications director for the AU Office of Communications and Marketing, addresses the SIAS student body.

Mike Clardy and Jim Jackson of AU's Office of Communications and Marketing interview Peter Weiss about the challenges of building an entire campus in China.