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Paul Bobrowski

AUBURN -- Paul Michael Bobrowski, associate dean of Syracuse University's Whitman School of Management, has been named dean of Auburn University's College of Business, Provost Thomas Hanley announced Tuesday.

Bobrowski, who has been at Syracuse since 1990, was in charge of the Whitman School of Management's MBA and MS programs. His previous academic experience was at the University of Oregon and Indiana University.

Bobrowski was selected for the Auburn job from a list of six finalists that included John Jahera, who had been interim dean since 2001.

"Dr. Bobrowski has established a well-earned reputation for high academic quality and leadership in business education and the private sector," said Hanley. "We are pleased that he has accepted our offer to come to Auburn.

"Dr. Bobrowski's dual experience in the academic world and the business world will be a plus for our business faculty and students."

Bobrowski, 54, said what drew him to Auburn was its status as the state's premier land-grant university and its national status.

"Obviously, the College of Business is extremely well known and is among the top schools in the United States. It's going to be a privilege to work in this kind of environment where there are a number of opportunities. The school has progressed successfully for many years and is on the verge of doing things that could move it higher in the rankings.

"I graduated from state universities, have a great appreciation for state institutions and for the citizens of the state overall. With Auburn being a land-grant school, being among the elite public institutions, it is very attractive for me."

Brobowski said he understands his No. 1 priority as dean at Auburn will be funding -- both public and private.

"I believe the funding issue with the legislature at Auburn is probably not much different than any other public university," he said. "I think what's going to be the key to my success is to find new ways to connect with alumni and friends of the college and identify new friends."

After receiving an appointment to the Air Force Academy in 1968 and graduating from the academy in 1972 with a degree in aeronautical engineering, Bobrowski worked as a performance engineer on the F-16 program at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio. The Air Force then sent Bobrowski to Purdue University in 1976, where he earned his master's degree in management science and mathematical programming. Afterwards, he was transferred to Los Angeles to work on the Defense Department's Navstar Global Positioning System.

Upon satisfying his military obligation, Bobrowski left the Air Force to earn his Ph.D. in operations management from Indiana University in 1985.

Bobrowski first joined Syracuse in 1990 as an assistant professor in operations management in the Whitman School of Management.

As associate dean at Whitman, Bobrowski directs three MBA Programs (full-time MBA, part-time MBA, and iMBA) and one MS Program that have about 380 enrolled students. With a staff of six, the office is responsible for all activities, including promotion, recruiting, faculty scheduling, curricula development, program certification and graduation.

AU's College of Business is the second largest on campus, with an enrollment of about 4,000 students. Enrollment peaked at 4,511 in 2001 when it was the single largest college at any university in Alabama. Because enrollment was growing so fast, college officials were forced to raise entry standards to control enrollment.

Auburn's undergraduate program is ranked 53rd in the nation by U.S. News & World Report. And with more than 750 MBA programs in the country, Auburn's on-campus MBA program is ranked 26th among public institutions for best return on investment.

Auburn first began teaching business courses in the mid-1880s, but did not formally establish a school of business until 1967.

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