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AUBURN -- An Auburn University fisheries professor internationally recognized for his groundbreaking catfish genome research has collaborated with the interim dean of the AU College of Agriculture to author a chapter in a new British publication, Celebrating 50 Years of DNA.

The chapter by John Liu, AU Alumni Professor in the Department of Fisheries and Allied Aquacultures, and John Jensen, interim agriculture dean and director of the Alabama Agricultural Experiment Station and former head of AU's Department of Fisheries and Allied Aquaculture, focuses on the genetic advances that have occurred in aquaculture in the past decade.

It also outlines how the genome revolution is leading scientists toward developing the "perfect catfish" and other improved species of fish.

Celebrating 50 Years of DNA, a slick 96-page softcover published by the British-based newspaper Business Weekly, chronicles the 1953 discovery of DNA's structure and that discovery's impact on genetics, biology, immunology, medicine, criminology and society as a whole.

The publication features a foreward by British Prime Minister Tony Blair; an interview with Nobel Prize­winner Francis Crick, who with fellow scientist James Watson unearthed the structure of DNA five decades ago; and an in-depth look at the Human Genome Project.

Liu and Jensen's chapter on the genome revolution in aquaculture is one of 14 chapters contributed to the book by select world-leading scientists from key international research centers and top universities.

Liu, head of AU's Fish Molecular Genetics and Biotechnology Laboratory, said Business Weekly sought Auburn's participation in the project because of AU fisheries' reputation as one of the world's leading university fisheries program.

Celebrating 50 Years of DNA, which is targeted toward the life sciences/biotechnology community and senior business executives, is available in paperback at www.amazon.co.uk.

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