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Tip Sheet: Drought

Auburn University experts can provide perspective on extreme conditions

According to the National Weather Service, the latest U.S. Drought Monitor lists nearly two-thirds of Alabama as experiencing extreme drought conditions while the remainder of the state is experiencing moderate to severe drought conditions. To put this problem in perspective, normal rainfall for Alabama during the month of May averaged between 4 and 5 inches. This year May rainfall averaged half an inch or less, providing only localized and very limited relief. While the dry conditions are a nuisance for most people, the situation can prove devastating for the agriculture industry. Auburn University researchers and extension specialists listed below are prepared to discuss several different facets of drought conditions and the implications drought can have throughout the state. AU experts covering additional drought-related topics can be found at www.aces.edu/issues/drought/Droughtspecialists.php.

Impact on Economy
• Deacue Fields, Associate Professor of Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology with AU’s College of Agriculture and Extension Agricultural Economist, can discuss the economic impact of the drought on the greenhouse/horticulture industry.

Impact on Lakes and Water Supply
• Rusty Wright, Associate Professor of Fisheries with AU’s College of Agriculture and Extension Aquaculturist, can discuss the impact the continuing lack of rain is having on the state’s major lakes and other water impoundments.

Impact on Crop Production and Forestland
• Dale Monks, Professor of Agronomy and Soils with AU’s College of Agriculture Extension Cotton Agronomist, can address how drought is affecting row crop production-specifically cotton.

• Ken McNabb, Professor of Forest Biology and Ecology with AU’s School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences and Extension Forester, can discuss how drought is impacting the state’s forestlands.

• Kathy Flanders, Associate Professor of Entomology with AU’s College of Agriculture Extension Entomologist, can discuss the potential insect damage that may occur in forages and grasslands due to drought.

Impact on Farm Animals
• Soren Rodning, Assistant Professor of Animal Sciences with AU’s College of Agriculture Extension Veterinarian, can address how drought and heat affects cattle and horses as well as other farm animals.