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NOTE TO EDITORS: Auburn University’s News Tip Sheets are designed to provide media with links to AU faculty who are well-versed in or are engaged in research regarding current events or timely topics.

Tip Sheet: Hurricanes

Hurricane Season is Here

Hurricane Bertha, the first hurricane of the Atlantic storm season, formed earlier today. Auburn University experts are available throughout hurricane season (June 1-Nov. 30) to comment on hurricanes and their effects.

Below are a few suggested story tips:

Hurricane warning systems
Contact: Philip Chaney, Associate Professor of Geography, College of Sciences and Mathematics, (334) 844-3420, chanepl@auburn.edu. Chaney's research interests include hurricanes, tornadoes, warning systems and public awareness. He also can discuss land-use planning, barrier islands, mainland coasts and the effects of storms on agriculture and livestock.

Impact of hurricanes on vegetation and ecosystems

Contact: Luke Marzen, Associate Professor of Geography, College of Sciences and Mathematics, (334) 844-3462, marzelj@auburn.edu. Marzen can discuss a hurricane's damage and impact on vegetation and ecosystems. Much of his research is focused on using remote sensing and geographic information systems to examine land-use changes and the impacts that these changes have on the environment.

How do hurricanes affect the insurance industry?
Contact: Lee Colquitt, Professor of Finance, College of Business, (334) 844-3010, colqull@auburn.edu. Colquitt specializes in risk management and insurance, both important components of natural disasters. He also can speak to the overall financial implications of storms.