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December 11, 2003

The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) on Tuesday placed Auburn University on probation for a one-year period. While this sanction is both surprising and disappointing, Auburn is committed to addressing any legitimate concerns of SACS in an appropriate and forthright manner.

News of the SACS probation has already prompted concern from students, prospective students and their parents. While SACS has provided the university no specific details of the matters that merited probation, it is imperative that students and parents of students be reassured regarding Auburn's accreditation.

In an effort to provide that reassurance, Auburn University would like to make clear to Auburn students, future students and their parents the following:

  • AU remains fully accredited. Federal funding and student aid are not threatened. The SACS probationary period allows us time to prove our compliance.

  • The academic integrity of Auburn University is not in question. The SACS action that resulted in the one-year probation included nothing about the institution's academic quality. Auburn is committed to maintaining, even enhancing, the quality of its academic programs. The SACS probation has no effect on the day-to-day commitment of the University community to its goals of instruction, research and extension.

  • Auburn University either has or will address in an appropriate and forthright manner any legitimate concerns cited by SACS.

  • Auburn University is cognizant of the investment students and parents have in an Auburn education, and is committed to maintaining the high value of an Auburn degree. In addition, the University will endeavor to preserve its ability to receive federal funds for both the institution and its students.

  • Auburn University's regular accreditation review set for February 2004 will go forward as planned. The extensive self-study preparing us for accreditation reaffirmation is complete, and addresses all of the recommendations and suggestions from the University's steering committee.

  • After SACS provides Auburn specific reasons behind the sanctions, the University will communicate steps it has already taken or will take to immediately address those concerns.


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